Transmissions from the Void
Transmission 1 - Flashfox

Transmission 1 - Flashfox


On this episode, I get into NFT culture a bunch with Flashfox - an artist, and developer. Her style is very gentle and thoughtful, and generally very emotive and colorful. In addition to her creative side, she is an established developer in the NFT space.

Here’s a piece I collected from her recently:

No stranger to wearing a ton of hats in projects, Flash shares her experience with the web industry prior to NFTs, and where she is with it all today. Her journey as an artist really resonates with me; she touches on both the barriers and contributors along the way, and I feel most artists can relate to these realities.

We also discuss what it’s like getting into crypto, and building projects in the NFT space. From our initial motivations and being lost in the weeds, to finding our way in this unknown territory, everyone engaged with this space has learned so much. We naturally arrive at the point that community building is where this kind of work inevitably brings us.

Speaking of, my first ever job with anything “web3” was actually at Kiki City, of which she is a co-founder. Definitely check them out, as they have built a very artist-centric community that has survived terrible market conditions, and continue to create opportunities for others to this day.

I was pleasantly surprised that Flash’s web dev/design background started with Flash animation and actionscript, because that’s where I started as well. We’ve come such a long way since those days. Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Flash’s love of nature and animals shows in her work very clearly. The piece that always comes to my mind first when I think of her is, “Fox at Sunset.” It was one of the first pieces I saw from her, and it occupies some real estate in my mind permanently. You can find and view it in its full glory on Makersplace.

We also touched on the topic of what it was like being at conventions, and what it would be like to work at one trying to sell art. This, as compared to the benefits of being involved with art and NFTs on the blockchain, and what it’s like being a part of it. This really resonated, as I have an interview with Robek dropping very soon, and we talk a bunch about artist alleys at conventions as well. Lots of similar insights and perspectives on what NFTs are doing for artists.

Speaking of which, next up is an interview with CFW. Yup, that’s right, AN AUDIO INTERVIEW with CFW. Unheard of. Literally. I’m one of a handful of folks who even knows what he sounds like, so you get to be one of us later this upcoming week!

Check out the fiction I wrote based around his creations here.

Check out all of CFW’s work here.

See you soon, and thanks for the support!

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